Rings that mailing lists, groups and fora affiliated with these sites belong to


You saw that, I hope?

Note the provider names next to these links. I'm telling you, in advance, which hosting service I'm using for each of these mailing list homepages as a kind of warning for the younger or more sensitive or more dyspeptic reader. Plenty sensitive if he's complaining about things he's seeing over at Bravenet, but let's make everybody as happy as their probably undermedicated conditions allow. The page that you are headed toward may well be located on a page not on this server, on a site including material which some people may find offensive; others might not. There is profanity and politically incorrect material on some of these. If you go there, you should expect to be offended. If you find this unacceptable, please turn back, immediately.

By ignoring this warning, you forfeit any and all right to complain to my provider or anybody else and be taken seriously, because you knew in advance exactly what you were getting yourself into, or at least you should have, because I just told you. Would you like to keep going, now that I've given you this dire warning? If so, the link you need is on the list below.

All exasperated snarkiness aside, seriously, thanks for being open minded enough to hear the other side of a few stories and for taking the time to drop by.