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For the most part, this is a fairly simple site, only entered through a few of its pages. Thus the short stack of navbars you formerly saw below, in which you could probably have found your own navbar with, with ease. If, however, you are one of those people whose life is positively incomplete if he doesn't have a menu of options in front of him, oh like one of those people who complained to Webring, consider yourself blessed and please don't say that I don't care. Here you go, sport, it's all been redone just for you. Would you like me to unscramble your eggs for you while I'm at it?

More? But of course. There are also a few pages so thoroughly entangled with this one, that people will tend to wander here from there, so giving links back to their navbar stacks seems like what the spirit of the concept of "total webring navigability" would call for. Please note that the terms of service at these other providers aren't the same as those at Scriptmania. If you wander these sites, you might encounter material which would offend you, and which isn't allowed by Scriptmania's TOS. By disregarding this warning and following those links, you forfeit any right to complain to my provider and be taken seriously, because you will have made an informed choice.

Each one of the links above should take you back to the site you came from, after the above warning, which is very necessary because, of course, these providers have different terms of service and the contents of these various pages reflect that fact. No big deal if you came from there, maybe, but for somebody who is just casually wandering this site, an occasional grossly overdone warning may be in order, so no doubts are left in anybody's mind.

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